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Image by Ben White

Come as you are, but come expecting to leave having encountered God in a new and fresh way!


Dress Code: Come however you are most comfortable. Whether that is a t-shirt and jeans, or suit and tie. The only Biblical mandate we are aware of in regards to attire is that we remain modest. Yet, with that said, no one would ever be turned away from a service for clothing. Any and everyone is welcome and we hope you feel loved and encouraged during your visit! Pastor Elijah normally wears Jeans, and  Polo or T-shirt, so come how you are, but prepare to encounter God!

Worship:  When visiting a church nearly everyone wants to know what the worship is going to be like, and that is fair. You can expect a worshipful blend of Old and New Worship music. One day we may have a worship band, but our goal is to have a team of people, madly in love with Jesus, who lead us into His presence as we engage His heart! We are currently blessed to have that combination in Norm and Anna Liljastrand who currently lead worship from the piano. 

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