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Adventure Awaits




We are the church! We are excited! We are alive!

As of 2022 we are still a small body of believers, but we look with great expectation to Gods plans for our future as well as the future of Hickory and our Nation! 
God has called us to 3 main task as a body:

Encounter.      Equip.      Engage.

Encounter: It is our goal as a body to help people Encounter God in ways deeper than ever before. To Know Him and Walk with Him afresh! Its our hearts desire that when you visit Sweetwater you will personally have a fresh encounter with God. We are not against being flashy and having a cool band, yet neither of those things alone truly facilitate a move of Gods Spirit. We currently have very simple yet powerful worship directed to the heart of God! The worship band will come in time. We have been blessed by God calling Norm and Anna Liljastrand to lead worship at Sweetwater. Our church services on Sunday morning are being designed around truly honoring God. We long to bring Him the glory as we minister to Him. As a result, we will encounter Him. A true encounter with God  creates lasting life change, and that is what we're after!

Equip: We are called to Equip the body to walk in our new Identity in Christ that we may Manifest His heart and goodness to the world around through Words, Works, and Wonders. We joyfully believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are active today and desire to know and walk in all that God has for us as His Bride in these days!

Engage: As the people of God who are Encountering God afresh, and being Equipped to walk in our new Identity in Christ, we are called to Engage the world around us as ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Through Words, Works, and Wonders, we will engage our families, workplaces, and communities with the good news of Jesus Christ to the end of bringing glory to God, and lasting change to our communities. We are called to impact the surrounding culture with the heart and love of God! We hope you will consider visiting this body, and being patient with us as we seek to do church and be the church God's called us to be! There is much to come and I look forward to the adventure together with you!
-Pastor Elijah 

We Are


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